Music has always been something MXNSA has been surrounded by and listening to various genres is how his sound started to develop. Artists such as Craig David when MXNSA was growing up, gave him the understanding about melody and creating a mood.

MXNSA says “I started free-styling from age 11. I had a skill to just make something on the spot but took it seriously when I was 16 after seeing the responses I would get when I rapped in front of people.

I just wanted to influence and help people through music and that’s how the story began, a chapter that will continue being written till’ I have achieved what I set my eyes on”.

He continues by saying,

“In my career  I aim to win multiple Grammy’s and make the UK scene come together as one to compete with the States”

Drake, Skepta, Kanye West and Craig David have all played a part in the development of MXNSA’s sound and also lyrical ability. In saying that, he also takes inspiration from other genres of music such as rock, indie and funk. The combination of all these sounds make MXNSA’s sound truly unique.