Growing up in a traditional African family Emmanuel F. Sarumi was raised on the foundations of respect and hard work. Watching his mother’s example of managing up to three jobs at once, he and his younger brother learned the importance of sacrifice, thinking on their feet and survival –

by any means necessary.

In school, his innate desire to push the boundaries and go against the grain were often labelled as ‘disruptive’. One teacher saying that he would not finish Secondary school.

She was only half right.

By the age of 13 his ‘challenging behaviour’ saw him kicked out of the classroom and isolated to his school unit for the ‘naughty’ kids. His mother knew she had to do something to save her son’s future. Sending him to live with his strict grandparents in Nigeria seemed to be the only solution.

Family life and education in Nigeria was tough.

It was his first lesson in self-discipline and learning to adapt to different types of people and new environments. To fit in and keep up, he worked to finish his education and was convinced that by doing so, he’d be allowed to return back to his life in London.

This was not the case.

He stayed in Nigeria for a further two years and contrary to his teacher’s word, he finished secondary school and also completed A-levels in Maths, Physics & Chemistry. These extreme circumstances brought the best out of him and this was to be his blueprint for

overcoming further challenges in the future.

In 2008, he was finally allowed to return back to the UK, with his mother’s encouragement he enrolled into City University London to complete a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Throughout his studies he was driven by his mother’s support and the words of an uncle back in Nigeria…

“Make sure you hustle”….